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War is NOT inevitable, Peace is!


We have been told by the greatest religious minds of the ages that God is Love. We are told, "More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go."*1 

Herein unfolds the dimension of our modern world
 with its profound, but also awesomely horrid potential


a novel

 Brighter than the Sun
 (nuclear war over Seattle - playing with nuclear matches)

This novel has two opposite centers. One reflects the tragic domain of our nuclear armed world, and the second the domain of spiritual freedom where old axioms become discredited and fall away while love unfolds its universal face. Will the latter prevail?


can we reverse the development of hate
 and indifference, in order to avoid war
 and nuclear war, neither of which
 can be referred to as love? 

The above question is seldom asked, if it is asked at all. Indeed, we don't even ask where the roots of hate and indifference are anchored. Thus we loose sight of protecting our humanity. In the shadow of this loss of their humanity people become increasingly fascist in nature, approaching the lowest rock bottom 'default' state.

In many ways, that is where we stand today as society. We have come to the point that we are forced to think the unthinkable once again; and more forcefully so, since nuclear war has been put onto the agenda again in a world ruled by the insanity of preemption, and more prominently so than ever before. Perhaps we are afraid to ask the relevant question as to what can be done to avoid this fate, because there appears to exist no valid answer for this question that we can live with, or feel comfortable with.

We have become a living paradox.

  1.  We face the greatest potential for peace in modern history, but also the unthinkable...
  2.  We face the strongest determination for war, even nuclear war, while we also know the power of love...
  3.  We face at the same time the densest ignorance in society about the physical implications of the use of nuclear weapons, even while we see an unfolding care for our world...
  4.  We face therefore the greatest need in history for a profound global rallying in defense of our humanity, even to restore sanity, while we see little hope to fulfill this need as far too few people have taken up the fight. 

In resolving the great paradox of our time, we cannot afford to ignore a single one of these dimensions. I invite you, therefore to explore carefully each one of them.

1 - Nuclear Peace - War is NOT inevitable; Peace is!

2 - The "Theater Nuclear Planning Document"

3 - The Physical Dimensions of Nuclear War

4 - In the Twilight - LaRouche's - The State of the Union

Some people are asking if it is really possible for war to be avoided, and if not, whether the nuclear option by itself can be avoided. The answer must be that these kinds of questions are invalid questions. I am saying this, because we know the answer already, don't we? The answer is always, yes, WAR CAN BE AVOIDED.

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Boundary Zone to Extinction

A step beyond genocide into today's dying world of increasing insanity
 in which nuclear war seem rather 'small.'

Universal Love versus Sexual and Political Isolation


We should never ask if war can be avoided. Instead we should ask ourselves: What are we doing individually and collectively to prevent a new war, even nuclear war? Another equally valid question would be: Are the resulting efforts sufficient?

In building a world without war, poverty, violence, and terror, how far have progressed? What is LaRouche's role in that, and the role of Mary Baker Eddy?


For a time, a workable plan had been put forward in the US by the internationally respected economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. I have summarized his proposal that briefly became US policy until Mr. LaRouche was persecuted, nearly assassinated repeatedly, and then jailed in an judicial abuse that the former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark described is essence as the worst judicial misconduct and abuse of federal power known to him.

For more details see:

Meet the man who may have saved your life, and may do it again.

LaRouche's comments on his persecution related to preventing nuclear war.

Ultimately it will be acknowledged, as it has been recognized already a long time ago, that Love is a universal principle. Sure, we are willing to concede that hate and fascism are not love. But what about indifference and self-isolation, or the isolation of another by all the countless causes in the world? Indifference is a subtle form of hate, is it not? It certainly isn't love. Indeed, indifference has the same effect than hate, because it allows hate to unfold unopposed, and thus claim itself some power to rule. The result of society's indifference has been devastating for it and destructive to its civilization. We should ask ourselves if this was necessary. Did it have to happen? Could the devastation have been prevented? Of course it could have been prevented. It could have been prevented by accepting the principle of universal love. (See: The Case for Universal Love)

Am I pushing this line of thinking too far? I don't think so. 

World War I could have been avoided. There had not been a need for it in any shape of form. But it wasn't avoided. A bunch of fools created that war who were not stopped by society, and Europe was destroyed as consequence with a loss of many tens of millions of lives. The human loss that the world suffered will never be regained. 

Word War II likewise, could have been avoided, but it wasn't. The foolish people who wanted that war, again, were not stopped. This pattern will be repeated with ever greater consequences until the cycle can be broken when we begin to develop the real dimension of our humanity. With this unfolds the principle of universal love. We face a great task in this regard, that has been avoided for centuries.  However, if society had dealt with its indifference in earlier times in the light of the principle of universal love, the problem of nuclear war wouldn't exist today.  And still, in spite of the now impending greater tragedy that we all face, the indifference remains that allows the course towards nuclear war to continue.

The potential for the unleashing of a nuclear war is great, and the few people who recognize this fact tend to point their fingers at governments, rather than at themselves. And so the problem remains what it was from the beginning, a symptom of the disease of indifference and ignorance, that merely has become acute. Hopefully, as we come to recognize this trend, we begin to develop our potential to snap out of this trend and to live up to our name as human beings, and value our humanity. When this begins to happen the principle of universal love will become a natural component of our relationships to one another, and our survival will be assured. 

This is what it means to seek the solution to our world's problem on a platform that rests on a higher level of thinking than that on which the problem is defined. We cannot fight wars on the same platform on which wars are created, and hope to win. We will fail, as indeed we have failed for centuries. We can only hope to win if we step up to a higher level platform in acknowledgement of the Principle of the universe in which the principle of universal love is rooted.

Nevertheless, I agree, the principle of universal love is seen by most people as a hopeless proposition. I have spent twenty years exploring the immensity of that challenge. The exploration resulted in creating a series of eight novels, The Lodging for the Rose (completely free online). Yes, the challenge that the principle of universal love poses, is great. But let me ask this: In comparison to society's submission to the ever increasing certainty of a nuclear world war with the resulting annihilation of humanity, shouldn't the promise of the principle of universal love be rather appealing and worthy the efforts that may be required to embrace it?

For this transition to sanity to become possible we may need to rally around, and support the efforts, of the most advanced pioneers of this age - the brightest thinkers who represent the greatest intellectual tradition that has been developed throughout mankind's long history. Unfortunately, we find not many today, who fit this category. Fortunately, however, those few, with Lyndon LaRouche standing at the forefront, also have the qualification to provide the leadership required to save the present society from the folly of its mad rush towards its assured self-destruction. 

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(*1 references: Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures p. 6 )

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