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In the Twilight - The State of the Union

from the LaRouche in 2004 Presidential nomination campaign

 State of the Union Address 2003

 by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.

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- Worse Than the Great Depression -

- President Whose Downfall Would Be Yours -

- Save This President To Save This Nation -

- Basis of LaRouche's Foreign Policy -

- The Imitation of the American Exception -

- The Economic Collapse -

- End Deregulation and Austerity Policies -

- No Recovery in Sight -

- Degeneration Since 1964 -

- We Set the World To Work for Us -

- What's Ruined the Democratic Party -

- The Case of Murawiec and Marc Rich -

- World and National Mission-oriented Recovery Programs -

- The Military Question: Strategic Defense -

- Homeland Defense -

Discussion Period

The State of the Union: start of Discussion Period

What Are the 'Moonies'?

Stop the Genocide in Africa!

Getting Bush To Do the Right Thing

The U.S. Must Be Food Self-Sufficient

National Banking vs. the Slime Mold

The Only Solution: Bankruptcy Reorganization

War Must Be Stopped--Here!

What Is the Soul?

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