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Among these very few, the American economist and political advisor to many nations around the world, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., stands unequalled. He is respected globally as a representative of the American tradition that was once admired and loved by all human beings, and is still fondly remembered by many who can recall that system that once defined the face of America. 

We need to return to this system,
 this tradition, which has been totally scrapped. 


LaRouche warned about the dangers involved in scrapping the very foundation on which the USA has been founded as a nation. He had already forecast decades ago as an inevitable consequence, the mess we are mired in today. In terms of the present economic collapse, he forecast virtually from the day the system was beginning to be overturned, some thirty-five years ago, that the chaos that is erupting now, would happen. His forecasts were proven to be accurate. No one, as far as I know, can match this record of forecasting, which is based on a high level understanding of the operational principles of the universe. Much less has anyone yet superceded the accuracy of his economic and political forecasts.

 The simple fact is, the world needs his expertise, and his in-depth scientific knowledge and leadership. We need the man's assistance to help us restore the American nation and the world onto the platform of the long proven American system of economics and whatever of the founding principles of the USA, this system was built on-- the very principles that are presently being rejected.

Naturally, we face a serious challenge with this, a challenge of credibility for starters. For thirty-five years the man has been slandered, vilified, persecuted, and even incarcerated in a political witch-hunt designed to silence his voice. He became the most slandered politician of the entire period of the last three decades, primarily for his unyielding love of humanity, standing in opposition to the system that is now in the final stages of destroying our world. Thus, the question is a valid one, of whether LaRouche will be able to achieve what must be achieved, against this background of intense vilification and character assassination over a long period of time.

Albert Einstein stated in this regard, that, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Still, there is far more involved than that. What is involved here is a respect for the truth, which has been banished from the political arena for even a longer period of time, than the American System itself has been banished. But what about the truth? When all the lies have been told, the truth remains, inevitably, doesn't it? We can mock the operation of universal principles all we want, with the arrogance of human will and pass countervailing laws, which indeed has become the general pastime of the last four decades, but we cannot escape the consequences of those years of lying to ourselves. The denial of the truth, therefore, becomes an opportunity lost, and so the greatest opportunities in human history have become squandered. Still, the continuity of this process is not inevitable. The human spirit gives mankind the capacity to redeem itself. We can bridge the gap of those forty years of lying to ourselves and revert back to acknowledging what is true, even to acknowledge the existence of universal principles that we can perhaps deny, but NEVER escape from. 

The American System of economy, that has been scrapped thirty-five years ago, and the principles that it represented, the principles that it was built on, and those that were associated with it, can be reinstated overnight. No natural inertia exists that would prevent this. The reign of destruction of the last thirty-five years can be ended as one ends a bad dream. The whole dream could have been avoided. There had never been a necessity for it. It wasn't inevitable. But it wasn't avoided. It was allowed to unfold as the result of a foolishness that should have never happened. Thus, it CAN be stopped now. It must never be said that we allowed this foolishness to continue, because there is no need for it to continue. We must spare no effort to assure that it will be said in future days that we have had the wisdom to rebuild the system that we once scrapped foolishly, and that, on this basis, we won ourselves a victory in the war against Iraq, before the war started. It must be said in future days that we won a victory that assured the survival of our civilization, that a world wide Clash of Civilizations War invariably puts in jeopardy.

Humanity as a whole needs this scientifically sound reverse shift in the American thinking. It needs America's well proven system revived in America, in order for it to survive.

We all need this revival. We need it economically and strategically, which is fundamentally the some thing. Indeed, the world is ready to cooperate on this basis of truth. Russia, India, China, Japan, the European nations, and may others, would gladly cooperate towards this end. But without the U.S. becoming an active partner in the process, which still holds the key position in the world, very little can be done by the rest the world on its own, and the little that is being done, is actively impeded by the U.S.A..

Without the much needed support by society in his efforts, LaRouche's effective and immediate intervention may not be sufficient to uplift the deeply mired institution of the U.S. Presidency and the relevant U.S. government institutions, towards the revival of the proven American system and tradition. If this should should be the case, humanity stands little chance to escape the presently unfolding near global economic and strategic catastrophe that is fast unfolding. Indeed, a large portion of society may not be able to survive the full unfolding of this catastrophe. The entire failing system, including its axiomatic underpinning, must therefore be replaced in short order. The replacement of the system is vital.  It is the most urgent task of our time to accomplish this, nor does it matter who carries the ball. If we are wise, however, we will solicit the help of the most able pioneers and avail ourselves of their leadership. In the case of LaRouche, his help is already offered. Indeed, it is guaranteed. But will we accept it, and accept our responsibility in supporting the necessary process, without which we may not survive?

Fortunately, a failure to meet this goal is NOT in the cards. That failure is NOT inevitable. As with the drive for war, the exposition of human folly is not an inevitable phenomenon. Folly is not an inherent element of our humanity. War is NOT inevitable. Only Peace is inevitable. When the dust settles, there is always peace. This is true politically and economically, just as it is true strategically. So, why shouldn't we choose directly and actively to labor for peace and prosperity, no matter what this involves, and thereby bypass the destruction of our world that we now face as a near certainty in so many ways?

Basically, that's it!  That is what the question of war and peace is all about.

The great crisis that is now upon us, that could become the greatest crisis in human history, is essentially nothing more than the end result of an unmet challenge by society to become human in its relationship to one another. 

This is the challenge that we need to face courageously and actively, and master. Our relationship towards Lyndon LaRouche, is really a reflection of our relationship towards ourselves, in terms of the principle of universal love. Universal love is an element of our humanity. It cannot unfold in the form of indifference or self-isolation. If we aim to create a world that exists without war, society's passive existence must be deposited into the trash bin of history and be replaced by an active support of one another in an honest embrace of our humanity, the humanity that we all share. In this, the principle of universal love comes to light. This is also a profoundly beautiful project to engage in. At least it can be that, can't it? 

I have written an extensive series of five novels on the subject, with the summary title, The Lodging for the Rose, to explore the challenges of the principle of universal love that is reflected in the principles of the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia on which modern civilization is built. Perhaps you may wish to peruse the preface of the series, The lodging for the Rose, in which the paradoxical dimensions of this challenge are summarized, especially those relating to the grass roots social domain where the discovery of universal principles challenges us tremendously, and this right at our doorsteps. 

The obstacles that we are facing in the course of our dealing with this challenge, by all accounts, are formidable. But what about them? They are minute in comparison to what is at stake if we fail. If we fail, we will close the door on life and civilization, to a large extend, and by implication on everything that we cherish and ever have cherished. We must not fail, therefore. Naturally, this determination must be made before the war begins that is now looming before us on all fronts?

In concluding it needs to be recognized again that the full tragedy of this already unfolding multi-front war is not inevitable. The tragedy of human folly never is inevitable. Only peace is inevitable! Peace always prevails after the forces of war are exhausted. Only the nature of this peace remains yet to be determined. Let us bypass therefore the folly and the tragedy, and work directly towards the inevitable, which is peace, and assure thereby that this peace will not be a silent one without a human voice, but is a peace that resounds with a great joy.

Rolf Witzsche

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